Make a plan for success

Marketing agencies, advertising reps and freelancers all have something to offer. Fickle Filly Studios can connect you with a tailored mix of all three in the perfect-for-you promotional plan. Whether you have longstanding relationships with a team of promotional vendors, an-in house marketing system or are just starting out, your strategy is the most important piece of the puzzle. Your initial consultation appointment is free of charge. No two businesses are the same, so no two consultations are the same. Get the conversation started by booking your first appointment.

We Are Picky About Our Clients

I'm Monica Austin and I hate sales.

Odd as it may be for an opening introductory statement, it's the answer to the question everyone's been asking me.

"What made you decide to start your own business?", they ask.

"Because I f*&#ing hate sales." is what I answer in my head before giving any number of more heartwarming, self-promotional, pageant contestant-esque answers.

BUT "I hate sales" is really the root of it.

I am a performer. An artist. A writer. An experienced marketing professional. I am right-brained enough to love math and charts and numbers, but left brained enough to love music and painting and design. I am overqualified and undereducated. I am passionate and disciplined. I am fiercely protective of my identity and personal brand but also a dedicated mother and wife. So, every wonderful, enjoyable, perfect job I've ever had has wound up moving me to a mentor/training role and, eventually to SALES. One would think this crazy combination of relatable-to-nearly-everyone traits would be profitable in a sales role. However, one last time, I hate sales.

So, in order to do all of the things I love without the pressure to meet a quota or push a certain service, I have created Fickle Filly Studios. The concept is simple. I get to use all of my talents to help other people, without having to do a single thing I don't enjoy. Generally speaking, if you are a small business owner, artist, entrepreneur or any other person wanting help promoting what you're doing, I can probably help you. Once we've had a consultation, if I realize that I cannot help you, I will help you find the person who can. That's why the title of what probably should be a formal "About US" section is "We're Picky About Our Clients". I'm neither going to knock down doors pitching services, nor am I taking on every client that walks through the door with dollars to spend. My Preferred Partners and I will work with only those we know will be best served by us.

Let's call Fickle Filly Studios a marketing agency plus. Home to The Full Length Mirror Podcast and Monica Austin Music, it is three separate businesses, under one roof, bringing all sorts of people together. If you'd like to hire a woman with lots of experience, zero degrees and a large network of talented friends to work on your current (or non-existent) strategy, you should schedule a consultation.

Don't expect a pretty one-sheet presentation with a "solutions" pricing menu at the consultation. I was serious about that first thing I said.